Free function hire

We don't charge to reserve space in 56 North. You have access to an award winning bar, huge spirits list, cocktail menu, wines and food. We can reserve areas for 10 to 100 people for birthdays, weddings, events and groups. If you'd like to pre-order any food and drinks please just ask us for details. Our finger food menu for functions is available further down this page.

Private Hire

Private hire for events and functions is a great way to have the perfect event for you. Private hire will always requires a deposit and minimum spend agreed with us and is subject to other bookings so normally needs booked well in advance. The benefits are you have complete freedom to dress the venue, choose music, use of microphones for speeches and AV equipment for presentations or displays. Private hires are most cost effective for group of 80-150 people.

Finger Food Menu

Our finger food menu is available to all types of functions of +30 guests. Pre-ordering is required so please contact us for more details of how to do this.
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