Gin Masterclasses

We are 56 North, we love gin.

56We consider great gin is a pleasure to experience and experiment with.  We first outlined our masterclass programme in 2011 to assist our guests in appreciating magnificent gins.  Over the years our masterclass programme has evolved, matured and expanded to encompass new classes, new gins and new elements.  This process will never stop!  Come and join us on our voyage of discovery of gin.

Journey with Gin Masterclass

56Journey with gin is our oldest class and is designed to give you a solid understanding of gin, pairing with premium mixers and understanding flavours.  It’s full of useful gin information and helps both the novice and the experienced gin lover.  We cover some gin history, production and things to look out for when buying.  We sample 8 different gins with premium mixers and some light bites of cakes and sandwiches for the group.  Run-time is around 90-120 mins

Scottish Gin and Cheese Masterclass

56Scottish gin and cheeses takes you on a fun journey around Scottish gin.  We give you an understanding of how gin is made, pairing with mixers and where it is from.  It’s full of useful gin information and helps both the novice and the experienced gin lover who has an interest in Scottish gin.  We sample 8 different gins with premium mixers and pair them with a stunning cheese board for the group.  Run-time is around 90-120 mins


Our gin team introduced you to some exceptional gin during our classes!  We alternate and vary our masterclass gins from our stocking of over 350 gins.  This keeps our classes fresh, relevant and interesting

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Private Events

Interested in hosting a gin event with our team?  We offer private classes, gin events, gin talks and more!  Click below to see our private event pack. Please note we do not run the masterclass programme during the Fringe Festival (August).

The Gin Team

56has always been built on great guest and staff.  We believe people matter more than anything!  Out gin team is just that a team with a passion for great gin and most importantly helping guest discover them!

James Sutherland

Gin Gent Director
Owner of 56 North founding the bar in 2008.  The vision was to launch Scotland’s first gin bar, way before the current gin craze!  During the subsequent period, a lot has matured and developed with gin in Scotland!  James has a passion for gin which focuses on traceability, flavours and production. He is a driving force for gin in Scotland and is always seeking new ideas and products.  His enthusiasm for knowledge is second to none.

Gary Bradley

Gin Gent General Manager
Has been with us at 56 North from the very start!  Gary helped mastermind the opening and growth of the bar since 2008.  Being Northern Irish he is often found promoting products from over the water.  He is a fountain of knowledge on the more unusual products we have in the bar and is always good for an interesting recommendation from left of field.

Neil Colquhoun

Gin Gent Gin Manager
Has been a key member of our team for over 5 years.  Neil is more than partial to a “Nealtini” his precise way of enjoying a Martini, he will more than happily explain all when asked!  Neil has a passion for great gin but also loves helping guests so is a core member of our masterclass team as a result.  Neil helped the Isle of Harris Gin as a brand ambassador when they first launched so is known to many Scottish gin lovers already.

Press & Brand Consultancy

56As the original home of Scottish gin we get regular requests for TV, Radio, guest speaking, brand consultancy, help and more.  Our team has experience working on a variety of projects and is always happy to assist brands and Press.  Please contact our administrative coordinator Paul who will be delighted to assist – masterclass@fiftysixnorth.co.uk