The Distillery


Our story began in 2008 with the launch of 56 North, Scotland’s first dedicated gin bar. Since then, our gin collection has grown to over 400 unique gins from every corner of the World, but many of our favourites are found right here in Scotland! 


Our team’s local knowledge of Scottish gins had to be shared. So in 2010 we started our very own Scottish Gins and Cheeses Masterclass.  This allowed us to share our knowledge about the origins of gin and showcase fantastic Scottish produce. While researching gin production we realised that we had the potential to create something special ourselves; all we needed was a still.


In 2018 we got our beautiful copper pot stills! One is a modern, highly refined, 50 litre copper pot still. The other is a hybrid, 50 litre copper pot still, with three columns and vapour plates behind each column. The stills have allowed us to experiment with a wide range of botanicals from traditional juniper and coriander to more exotic fruits and flowers. In early 2019, after countless experiments, we created something that we think tastes very special. 


What’s in a name? For us, it’s everything. It has to capture our inspiration, our love for Scotland and a piece of local history. Only a stones throw away from 56 North you find The Meadows, one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful parks, with avenues of pink blossom trees in the spring, and cricket matches in the summer. Researching the local area we discovered the rich history of The Meadows, once called South Loch and until 1621, provider of much of Edinburgh’s drinking water and water for the local breweries and distilleries. We now had our inspiration, and South Loch Gin was born!